Joe and Ruth Crider 50th Anniversary

Joseph Ervin Crider and Ruth Lee McDowell

Married: June 28, 1957

Friends and family made this anniversary a memorable event with cards, flowers, and phone calls as well as dropping by to wish us a happy anniversary.

The cakes were made by Sweetheart Bakery and Orilla Crider (daughter-in-law).

Bulletin boards were decorated by Cheryl Lynette Foster (daughter). The reception table was tended by Abigail Mae Crider (granddaughter). Pictures were taken by Joseph Allen Crider (son) and Cody Lee Foster (grandson).

Candles were decoupaged by Cheryl and Cody Foster.

Errands and deliveries were made by Michael Ervin Crider (son) as well as making it possible for our grandson Joseph Milton Crider to attend.

At Joe & Ruth Crider's 50th. Anniversary, State Representative Mike Dethrow of District 153, presented them a HOUSE RESOLUTION No. 4091, adopted June 20, 2007 from the MISSOURI HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, and signed by Representative Mike Dethrow and Speaker Rod Jetton.

Congratulations were received from the WHITE HOUSE in Washington DC, signed "with warm regards" by George W Bush & Laura Bush.

A letter of Congratulations "wishing many more years of happiness" from the OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR, State of Missouri, Jefferson City, was signed by Matt Blunt.

Elaine Morrow Crider, Joe's Mother, had some of the cake and punch at her home with family members and signed the guest book.

John Foster (son-in-law) took care of stock etc. while his family attended.

And Michael Ervin Crider's stay was cut short as his & Orilla's son, Joseph Milton Crider wanted to go to Grandma & Granddad's house nearby.